CND VINYLUX Long Wear Nail Polish System: An Honest Review

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CND Vinylux Long Wearl Neail Polish System Review

Sometimes, you step into Target solely to restock on a few basic necessities. The walkway to said necessities happen to take you right past the beauty section. Slow down. That’s right. You do need a new set of eyebrow tweezers.

Before long, you find yourself casually browsing through the beauty section. The eyebrow grooming products are conveniently placed right next to the nail products. Bottles of Sally Hansen, OPI, and Essie flank the wall. Your eyes are drawn to the array of colors. And so you begin to inspect the different options. Again, only casually browsing.

A small sticker on the bottom left catches your eye. Inscripted on the sticker is the line,

Use with professional CND VINYLUX top coat for up to 7 day wear.

Yes. You definitely need a nail polish that will last longer than one day. This was how I came across the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System by CND. And this post are my thoughts after four weeks of use.

CND VINYLUX Long Wear Nail Polish Review

What is the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System?

The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System is one of three nail color coating systems by Creative Nail Designs, Inc. or CND. Each nail color coating system has a unique formula that offers varying degrees of durability and finishes. The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System promises seven days of chip-resistant wear. I’m putting this promise to the test.


  • Regular nail polish with 7-days of chip-resistant wear
  • 100+ color options
  • 8 1/2 minutes dry time
  • Prices range between $6.75 (top coat) to $10.50+ (color coat) depending on the retailer
  • Available at Target, Walmart, Ulta, Rue La La and more

Weekly Polish Vs. Long Wear Polish

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I actually picked up two different types of the VINYLUX color polish:

  • Weekly Polish
  • Long Wear Polish

The Weekly Polish is not listed on CND’s website, and there is little information about it elsewhere. Searching for the Weekly Polish brings up links to the Long Wear Polish instead. However, it is listed on a few retailer sites.

My guess is that the Weekly Polish an older version of the Long Wear Polish. Although there doesn’t appear to be any immediate differences between the two formulas, there is a difference in the brush applicator.

Brush Applicator

As seen above, the brush for the Weekly Polish isn’t very dense, which makes it challenging to pick up a good amount of polish. I have to pick up polish from the bottle three to four times to form a single layer. The repetitive brushing leaves very visible streaks when the polish dries.

In contrast, the brush for the Long Wear Polish is much more dense. It can be seen below in the shade, Tinted Love #153. Application is smooth, and it is easy to build up the color. CND’s website mentions this is a “new, ergonomic and curve-hugging brush”. It is a welcomed improvement. 

The brush for the top coat is the same brush that is in the Long Wear Polish. The remainder of this review will be focused on the Long Wear Polish and Top Coat.

By the way, please excuse the messy application as it is not easy to apply polish and take photos at the same time. >.<“

CND VINYLUX Long Wear Nail Polish Review

How to Use

The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System is applied in two steps:

  1. Apply two thin layers of the color coat.
  2. Apply one layer of the clear top coat. 

Because the color polish serves as both the base coat and color coat, there isn’t a need to apply a separate base coat. In fact, CND recommends against using a separate base coat altogether because the base coat will interfere with the adhesive characteristics of the color coat.

Building Layers

Applying thin layers of the color polish gives a semi-sheer appearance. This can be useful for achieving a sheer look or layering on different colors. But with the semi-sheer appearance, the streaks are more visible. This happens with the dark colors as well.

For basic manicure, I prefer a simple, opaque appearance. I begin each new layer by first sealing the edge of the nail. Then to avoid excessive streaks, I apply a thin layer of the color coat followed by a second, thicker layer. I finish off with a generous layer of the top coat.

The thicker coats on top help to conceal the streaks and give a more smooth appearance. As with any nail polish, adding too many layers will make the polish thick and bulky. The bulky appearance is even more apparent because of the gel-like finish. So do be wary when applying thick layers of polish.


Wide Color Selection

The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish system comes in over 100 colors that range from sheer to semi-sheer, and opaque. The colors also include a select number of glitter polish. The fun part is that the polishes can be mixed together to create custom colors.

Fast Drying Time

According to the instructions, the polish takes approximately 8 1/2 minutes to dry. Thin layers do dry within this time frame. As I prefer thicker layers, I let my nails sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Even then, I take extra care not to scratch the polish after. 

For perspective, I usually have to let my nails dry for 30 minutes to 45 minutes when using other polishes. So VINYLUX is definitely a winner in my book when it comes to drying time.


The formula in the color polish has a matte finish. The top coat adds a nice sheen and seems to help blend in mild streaks left on the color coats. The color polish and top coat combine to form a satisfying glossy and gel-like appearance.

Easy Removal

The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish comes off easily with regular nail polish remover. I wet a cotton pad with nail polish remover and simply rub the polish off. The dark colors require extra polish remover, but come off clean without any stains.

CND VINYLUX Long Wear Nail Polish Review



Stains and marks are noticeable, especially on the dark colors. Sometimes, I would wake up and find the most random white spots on my nails. Think of car paint left over from contact with other cars. Or plastic toys that pick up paint from scratching against the wall. I cannot figure out where the spots come from. I try not to pick them for risk of chipping the polish. Instead, I wash and rub them out. Sometimes, the marks go away. Sometimes, they don’t.


Stains that resemble oil stains also show up a lot. You know how oil spills on the stove top? And when you wipe it off with a dry towel, there are still streaks of residue left on the surface?

I can only guess that the stains are from the natural oils in the skin. The stains make the polish appear dirty upon close inspection or when the polish reflects against light.

However, the oil-like stains are less noticeable on the light colors. And because no one is going to look at my nails as closely as I do, the stains are but a small annoyance.


Some users have reported that the top coat turns the color coat a little gray after the first few days. I have not experienced this problem myself.

CND VINYLUX Long Wear Nail Polish Review

How Long Does VINYLUX Long Wear Polish Actually Last?

Now the big question! Let’s talk environmental factors first.

I work in an office setting and type away on a keyboard throughout the day. I try to cook at home more often than not and prefer to do dishes by hand. My hands rummage through purses and into small pockets. I even took the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System through cleaning day with chemicals and gloves. It is safe to say my nails are exposed to the average environmental factors that would normally affect wear and tear.

Bits of the polish used to seal the edge of the nail began coming off by the end of the first day. Point a finger at yourself and look back at your nail. I am referring to this edge of the nail only.

There is very little surface area for the polish to cling onto. So this does not come as a surprise. It tends to happen more quickly on my right hand first. My left hand follows on the second or third day. During this time, the polish on the nail bed is not affected. 

On two separate occasions, a small chip decided to make residence on one finger. Usually, this is a sign of coming doom as the rest of the polish will also begin to chip away. But with the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System, the chip did not grow in size. The polish remained intact and maintained its glossy appearance up to the fifth day. The polish was resistant even when I purposely dug into it to try and create a chip. Most weeks, I am able to make it through the fifth day without any chipping.

The polish next to the cuticle began to wear off on a few nails. This created an appearance of raggedy edges next to the cuticles. The majority of the polish was still intact and just as durable as the first day. 

The polish on the end of the nail began wearing off noticeably. Time to remove the polish!

Color selection
Drying Time
For a manicure at home with average exposure to environmental factors, I recommend the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish by CND. Although the polish did not last seven full days as promised, I am impressed by the fact that it lasted five full days without any major chipping or wear. I like the glossy, gel-like finish and quick drying time. The easy removal is also an added bonus. I will continue to use the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System until something better comes along.
8.6Overall Score
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  • Raquel Sara
    May 3, 2020

    Wow, I want all of these colors now! Thanks for sharing all of the information that went into this post!

  • Kathleen
    May 3, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this review! I don’t wear nail polish a lot. But on the times that I do, I would like it to last longer than a few days. Will definitely keep this in mind if I buy nail polish.

  • Grace Fredericks
    May 3, 2020

    Wow, this is great. I’ve always wondered witch brand of nail polish is best for me. The day by day report was really helpful.

    • A89
      May 3, 2020

      I’m so glad you found the daily report to be helpful. Thank you so much for stopping by! 💕

  • Kate
    July 15, 2022

    I want to try some of the CND colors, but am wondering if I absolutely have to use their brand of top coat.
    Would the polish still look good if I just used my regular clear polish as a top coat?

    • Momo
      July 17, 2022

      Hi Kate. You can use any top coat of your choice. Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy High Gloss Top Coat is another one I like that dries pretty quickly. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you find something do your liking!

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